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More About Us

[open-ended]films is an award-losing production studio. Seriously, we got an Oscar but somehow we misplaced it. It was a technical Emmy...I mean Oscar-Meyer weinermobile. Something like that.

I think we won a "Best Soundtrack" award at small film festival in South Africa but since it was a doc about a punk rock record label, really the label should have gotten the award.  So thus far not so many awards. Not really even sure how that awards stuff works. We have made stuff that many people wanted to see and have told us that we did a good job.  

We make rad shit and tell cool stories! 

Go read Sapiens <--- That! 

-Shaun Michael Colón 

Founder of [open-ended] films


The Team

Making rad shit since 2012

Shaun Michael Colón


Shaun Colón is a wildly passionate  director, producer, devoted father and the founder of [open-ended] films based in Dallas, Texas. A former marketing director, Shaun utilized these skills in the fundraising for his first feature length documentary, A Fat Wreck. In 2013, Mr. Colón launched an Indiegogo campaign for the film, which raised 404% of its original goal, which was pretty sweet.  A Fat Wreck was a festival darling, playing festivals worldwide with ultimately finding distribution by The Orchard and Amazon Prime.

Joel C. Herrera


Joel C. Herrera is a father, drummer, writer and one hell of a  talented, dedicated cinematographer. Joel is an award-winning screenwriter. He is a graduate of Full-Sail academy where he studied sound for Film. He loves horror films and making music!